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The Dutch Lady milk brand was seeking a marketing method to increase intake of milk by Malaysians.  Although milk consumption had been gradually increasing over the years, it was still not at levels of other markets within Asia.


The London Olympic Games 2012 was coming up and would dominate the sporting calendar in that year.  Dutch Lady had not sponsored sports before and felt it “wasn’t relevant” to their buyers (mothers).  We created a campaign about the mothers of famous Malaysian athletes talking about the importance of milk to the growth of their children.  We were able to establish legal links to the athletes as well as to the Olympic Games—all within Malaysian budget constraints.


Dutch Lady reported a greater than expected increase in consumption of milk during the period which has continued to grow post the campaign.  In addition, they signed a multi-territory, multi-year deal with the NBA to continue faster pace growth as sports established a link to “strength” and “health” which pushed sales faster than traditional campaigns.

DUTCH LADY: Increasing Product Sales

Disclaimer: Note that this case study example was undertaken when employed by TSA Ltd

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