Business Issue

Allianz had many global platforms in sports such as football and F1.  However, they did not have a locally-relevant sponsorship platform that: a) could be scaled across Asia b) fit within their budget; and c) was relevant to their product offering.


Mass participation activities—particularly running—has become extremely popular in Asia.  There are many events every week and they actively promote a healthy lifestyle.  Allianz, as a provider of health insurance, promotes healthy lifestyles to reduce the amount of claims and increase profitability.  We were able to link Allianz with top running events in Asia and create digital apps to entice their own employees to run year-round.


Allianz is still running the employee app and utilizing running events as a platform across Asia.  The effect has seen improved employee morale and consumer health, leading to increased profitability in business. 

ALLIANZ: Run for life

Disclaimer: Note that this case study example was undertaken when employed by TSA Ltd

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